out with rainbows and unicorns

and in with visibility that feels like you

so you can be out confidently

The Target Pride Collection is soooo bad but I still want to wear SOMETHING ... and this is something — this is more than something.

Charlie at Rhode Island University

I wear my fruity shirt all the time — I wear it to sleep, I wear it to dance, I would be wearing it right now... the only reason I'm not is because it's dirty.

Dolly at Emerson College a year later

This is seriously going to increase the odds of me getting bitches!

Boston College Student

The fruity shirts are a perfect middle ground... I could go through a conservative crowd wearing this shirt and feel safe — no one would know.

University of Florida Student

I can never find anything I like... It's all "love is love" and where is the humor in that? I feel like our defining personality trait is being funny.

Ally at Rice University

I have a feeling my friend would love this. He wants to be out, but doesn't want everyone to know, and this is perfect.

University of Arizona student



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