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The Diamondback

Weeks after I launched and captivated students passing by Simple Gay Apparel at UMD's NextNowFest arts market and First Look Fair in September 2021, Simple Gay Apparel intrigued two UMD student reporters, seeking to get the scoop for the university newspaper. The overwhelming positivity for what I’d been working on on and off for 3 years was so encouraging to receive.

Also, shout out to my friend, Roe, for sending the initial arts market opportunity my way, because doing that made me realize Simple Gay Apparel really had legs😊!

NBC Select News

Featured in NBC for two years, amongst other well-respected LGBT apparel brands!

UMD Maryland Today

I was recently reached out to by the official communications of University of Maryland to share about how and why I started Simple Gay Apparel (hint: social alienation and wanting to feel seen😩😁)!

USF Newsroom

"Queering The South," the month-long tour I went on in February of 2022, was a hit. Victoria Crosdale, a University of South Florida student reporter, noticed and wanted to highlight what I'm doing with Simple Gay Apparel.

"It was, like, these rainbows and this positivity. This isn’t what I’m feeling. And I think I can do a lot with sort of like poking fun at the complexity of the experience."