Trusting Product Photos

A look into the perfectionistic actions of Emily Gross // why should you trust our product photos?

Trusting Product Photos

"I don't trust product photos, things always look so different when I get them in person."

You are right! Lots of stores use mockups which basically are digital images of their designs placed on top of a picture of a shirt they pulled off of the internet. They often then go on to print their products with DTG printers (which often produce low quality prints) on cheap blanks.

Why do they do this?
It's easy.

The result?
The shirt you receive in the mail is cheap and looks nothing like the beautiful mock up. You start to distrust online retailers selling gay pride apparel.

I, however, take all of the photos of my items and then cut them out on photoshop! What you see is what you get! I typically model the items but have increasingly been taking pictures of customers modeling the items that they bought from me on their college campus!

I want to showcase my clothing designs in an authentic and personal way, and what more of a way to do that than by taking photographs of customers (actual people who made a Simple Gay Apparel product theirs!) rocking the design that resonated with them most?!?

While it takes me a lot of time (haha), I care about getting you quality gay items very much,
<3 Emily, Creator of Simple Gay Apparel