Creating A Rainbowless Gay Pride Design

Creating A Rainbowless Gay Pride Design

Hey gays, it's Pride Month, and as you know, I make rainbowless gay clothes. So I was faced with a bit of a predicament: How do I make pride merch, which is typically very rainbow-oriented, while designing something that's still in the style of Simple Gay Apparel? That is, something that's rainbowless, clever, aesthetic, and yet still obviously gay to us gays?

I was simmering on this idea when I was on my Queering The South sales trip. One day after the trip, it suddenly hit me—the design would be "HI MOM, I'M GAY" and "HI GAY, I'M MOM." I first placed this phrase on a shirt in the current child-like font. But then realized the potential of it on a hat—a DAD hat. And inevitably: "HI DAD, I'M GAY" and "HI GAY, I'M DAD" were born as well.


What makes it more "pride" themed than my typical designs is that:

  1. It's very family-oriented and "wholesome.”
  2. It's a message of support of your literal—or figurative—gay children.
  3. It points to one of the most ubiquitous gay experiences—coming out.


What makes it still clearly on brand; what makes it still very “Simple Gay Apparel” is that:

  1. It points to a very real gay experience (which is something I’m all about giving representation to in my clothing designs).
  2. It's funny; it's evocative.
  3. It's light; it's memeable.
  4. It's not rainbowy.
  5. And it looks GOOD.


What's beautiful about this pride item is that:

You can get it, your mom or dad can get it, your mom and dad can get it, your mom or dad can get it for you, you can get it for your mom or dad, you can get it for you both, they can get it for you both, etc. The possibilities are endless here.
In fact, there are double the possibilities, as you can wear the “wrong hat."
Relatedly, and most beautifully, wearing the "wrong hat" is prime meme material.


Originally posted on Jun 1 2022
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