Noteworthy Reviews From Customers On My “Queering The South” Trip

Noteworthy Reviews From Customers On My “Queering The South” Trip

From February 7th to March 4th of this year (2022), I went on a tour I dubbed, “Queering The South.” I travelled to various universities along the south-east coast, from Virginia to Florida. Because I’ve realized how easy it is to forget the specific things people say, and instead chalk up the feedback I receive when tabling to love, excitement, and overall positivity, I made it my intention to write down some of the notable things people have said to me about Simple Gay Apparel. I also made it my intention to do so because specific comments have such a way with writing themselves that I couldn’t come up with them even if I wanted to!

Here are some of the things people reflected to me:

Duke University:

  • “You’re the counterpart to sister Cindy.”
  • “Wait, this is cool as balls”
  • “So cute, keep doing this, I love it”

Duke Day 2:

  • A person was already wearing the clothes that week I sold it to them: “I was wearing it, I saw others wearing it. I got so many complements.”
  • A person called up their friend on the phone to tell them about my table, their friend said, “wait, I’ve heard about this!”
  • “I’ve seen other people wear it, people have been so excited.”
  • “Minimalistic but still has flavor”

UNC Chapel Hill:

  • “I didn’t realize there was a such a lack of non-rainbow gay stuff until this.”
  • “You’re a genius.”
  • “This is the most valuable thing you are going to do.”

University of North Florida:

  • “clean, not gonna lie”
  • “I’ll use [my bag] all the time now”
  • “I hope you make lots of sales because this is awesome.”
  • “She’s so cool, she better come back.”

University of Florida:

  • My table and I were pictured for the school yearbook.
  • “hilarious but also genius”
  • “This is very smart of you, I’ll be telling all my friends about it.”
  • “I’m always looking for this kind of stuff.” “How’s that going for you?” “Not very good!”
  • “I love the gay energy you brought here”

University of Central Florida:

  • “you’re a fucking baller”
  • “you’re an icon”
  • “Were you at UF? Someone from my high school posted about it.”
  • “People would eat this up at Marketplace.”

University of South Florida:

  • A girl was describing how there are many preachers that come out and spew hate and harass students. She said that it was nice to see my table as a counterbalance to that.
  • A groundskeeper came up to me to ask me where I got my sweatshirt from, from which I told him I made it. He told me to “keep it up.”
  • “INSANE! I didn’t see the "bi” before! [on the bitches love a bag tote] … I’m fully sober right now.”
  • “This is me. I am that table.”
  • “This is nice to see. Thank you for your service.”
  • “This is the best tote bag ever made.”
  • “Your stuff is dope.”
  • “Your website looks like if Gym Shark made something.”

Florida State University:

  • “Were you at UF? My sister told me this was there.”
  • “I would wear this whole table.”
  • “I will cherish this [Gay Crisis Kermit sweatshirt].”

Emory University:

  • “It’s interpretable. You don’t need to be told the story for it to make sense. And it can mean something different to me [than you].”
  • “Were you at UF? Someone took a picture of your sign and sent it in our group chat, telling us to tag yourself [as gay complexity, subtle, etc.]”

Emory Day 2:

  • “This is incredible. Brilliant.”
  • A person wearing the shirt I sold them the day before came up to the table and someone remarked on it, and they said, “I know, isn’t this so awesome?”
  • “Simple but beautiful. Effortless.”

UNC Asheville:

  • "This [gay crisis Kermit] is great because it’s a conversation starter.”
  • With regard to the fruity font, “It looks like you could cut into it and it’d be juicy.”
  • “It makes me feel like I’m “something right.””
  • “You’re doing everything right.”

Virginia Tech:

  • “I feel called out [by the poster.]”
  • “This is an impeccable business model.”
  • “Thank you for gaying up our campus.”


Originally posted May 2 2022
Moved from old website

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